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Learn about current and past Employee of the Month award recipients at Morris Inc.

2018 Employee’s of the Month

November - 2018 - Nichole Smart Morris, Inc. is proud to announce that Nichole Smart is the EOM Winner for November! Thank you Nichole for being safe on the job and Congrats!! October - 2018 - Billy Davenport Morris, Inc. is proud to announce that Billy Davenport is...

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2017 Employee’s of the Month

August/September 2017 - Craig Heller Morris, Inc. is proud to announce that Craig Heller is the  EOM Winner for September! Craig grew up in Faulkton and Harrisburg. He worked 13 years at Litton Microwave and 7 years at Freezer services, both in Sioux Falls, before...

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2016 Employee’s of the Month

October, 2016 - Rick Stuwe September, 2016 - Todd Weidemier Todd Weidemier was chosen by her peers as the Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for September 2016. Todd is a native resident of the  Pierre and Fort Pierre area. He lives here with his wife, Danielle,...

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