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This past weekend (June 7th and 8th) was the Morris Annual Steak Fry, Fishing Tournament and Fish Fry.
Thank you for everyone who joined the festivities!

Congratulations to John Morris, James Walti and Wade Buechler for winning the 2019 Fishing Tournament.

Congratulations to these teams and individuals:
2nd place went to Josh Meintsma, Dust and Greg Carrol
3rd place went to Josh Bible and Willie Gloe
Largest Walleye went to Wade Buechler
Biggest Trash Fish went to Griz
Dwayne Evans won the Yeti Cooler

HUGE THANK YOU to Derek Blotske for cooking the “Awesome Steaks” and Griz’s Crew for cooking up the Fish!

We wouldn’t be able to do this without our great employees!
Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the wonderful food and fished in the tournament.

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