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October, 2016 – Rick Stuwe

September, 2016 – Todd Weidemier

Todd Weidemier was chosen by her peers as the Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for September 2016. Todd is a native resident of the  Pierre and Fort Pierre area. He lives here with his wife, Danielle, and their four children, Zach, Kyle, Kaiden and Lily. When he is not at work running equipment and taking on responsibilities of running a crew, he likes to do family activities such as camping, hunting, fishing and traveling. Before coming to Morris, Todd worked in the oil fields and a salvage yard. Morris, Inc. would like to extend our sincere congratulations and appreciation to Todd!

August, 2016 – Brittani Hussey

Brittani Hussey was chosen by her peers as the Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for August 2016. Brittani is the Payroll Administrator at Morris, Inc. and before that she worked at Dakota Plains Federal Credit Union in Pierre, SD. Britt grew up in Fort Pierre, SD, and continues to love there. She and her husband, Shawn, have three children; daughters Sidney and Joey and son Jaxon. When not at work, Britt and her husband work on the ranch raising performance horses and hauling their children to rodeos. Her favorite part is being there for when the babies are born! Morris, Inc. would like to extend our sincere congratulations and appreciation to Britt!

July, 2016 – Keith Williams

Keith Williams was chosen by his peers as the Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for July 2016. Keith originally came to work at Morris, Inc. in May 2004, and  after taking a hiatus from November 2002 to January 2004, he returned to us as a Welder in the welding shop. Keith is the shop elder and says the thing he loves most about his position is teaching the young ones how to weld. He knows all there is to know about his craft and spent many years as the guy in the field with the Agriculture Irrigation crew, putting together or servicing irrigation systems for farmers in the area. Keith is always willing to put his CDL to use when someone is on vacation or we’re a guy short at redimix or in our transportation department. Keith grew up in Brentford, SD, and he and his wife Connie enjoy spending time with their 15 grandchildren. When not at work, Keither loves to ride motorcycle and work on projects at home. He is a positive, calm, steady hand who is willing to help out anywhere. He has the Morris, Inc. “never say no” attitude and thinks of ways to do things that prevent accidents. He takes the time to listen to customers when he’s doing work for them to be sure and give them what they need. Morris, Inc. would like to extend our sincere congratulations and appreciation to Keith!

May 2016 – Steve Greene

Steve Greene was chosen by his peers as the Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for May 2016. Steve came to work as a truck driver in March 2014. For several years prior to his arrival here, Steve moved furniture for a local delivery company. He was born in Utah and raised in Pierre. Steve has increasingly excelled in his position at Morris, Inc. He has a great attitude and a contagious smile that he wears all day long. His energy is endless and he likes to be one of the first trucks out in the morning, hoping to get an extra load out to a customer that needs it. He is a go-getter and does not like to be still. If he is in the truck yard in the morning for any length of time you’ll find him policing the area, pulling weeds and picking up garage. He likes to stay productive! Steve is always hustling and getting the most work done he can while remaining safe and within company policies. In his spare time, Steve likes to do yard work, garden and help his neighbors who need it. He has two sisters and he and his partner Brenda have six dogs and four grand-kids. What Steve likes best about his work at Morris, Inc is that he’s allowed his independence. We at Morris, Inc appreciate Steve’s hard work and focus on safety and production. Thank you, Steve!

April, 2016 – Dustin Denning

Dustin Denning was chosen from his peers as the Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for April 2016,  Dustin started his career here as a temporary Laborer/Equipment Operator in our General Services department in June 2008 after moving here from Colorado. A year later he was moved to full-time and in March 2011 he transferred to what was then our Bobcat division as a Service Technician. Dustin has steadily risen in his position and was recently promoted to Product Support Manager at Morris Equipment, LLC, where his main job is to ensure a team of Service Agents and Parts Associates provide first class service and post-sales support to Morris Equipment, LLC customers. Dustin is a strong proponent of our safety policies and makes sure his team follows them consistently. He has been a huge support to the Morris Equipment, LLC store in Valentine as they continue to grow. He has made leaps and bounds since his days in General Services and we look forward to watching him continue in his career with us. In his spare time Dustin enjoys fishing, hunting, and being outdoors.  He has been married to his wife Shawna for 10 years and they are soon to add a son to their family, which currently consists of two dogs and a macaw parrot. What Dustin likes best about his position at Morris Equipment, LLC is being involved in the public as part of the ME Team and the challenge of having new projects with Kubota and Bobcat. Thank you for your dedication to the Morris family of companies, Dustin!

March, 2016 – Dayton Bothwell

Dayton Bothwell was chosen by his peers as the Morris, Inc. Employee/Safety Employee of the Month at our March company-wide safety meeting. Dayton came to work at Morris, Inc. as a Truck Driver in the transporation department in January 2013. He quickly learned how to do things the “Morris Way” and has become a very versatile and valuable employee. He keeps performance and safety in the forefront and keeps a positive attitude and level head every day. When winter comes and the trucks slow down, Dayton is flexible in his work and will do whatever is asked of him. He likes to be busy. He is not afraid to ask questions if he doesn’t understand what is asked of him in order to prevent mistakes or miscommunications. As technology changes in the transportation industry, Dayton keeps up with the trends and makes sure to do his reporting promptly and accurately. Dayton and his wife Jody have two children, Brendon (8) and Ryan (4). In his spare time, Dayton enjoys darts and corn hole. Thank you, Dayton, for your diversity and willingness to do what it takes to get the work done.

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