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March, 2012 - Joey Garrett
2012, March Employee of the Month - Joey GarrettCongratulations to Joseph “Joey” Garrett, selected by his peers as the Morris, Inc. Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for March 2012.  Joey came to Morris, Inc. September 19, 2005, and began as an equipment operator in our General Services department.  He was educated at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, SD, where he completed a 2-year mechanic program.  After working as an operator for 2 years, Joey transferred full-time to the Mechanic Shop, where he remains today as our field mechanic and technician.  Joey performs at an extremely high level; he’s focused, driven, certain and determined.  The operators and foremen in the field are glad to see him role up in his service truck because they know he’ll get their mechanical issues resolved in a timely manner and keep them moving.  He is reliable, always friendly, he puts safety at the forefront, and is willing to work the hours necessary to meet everyone’s needs.  He has a good deal of experience and is very pleasant to be around and work with.  Joey attends training frequently to keep up with cutting-edge technology and provide the best service possible.  In his free time, he enjoys martial arts, lifting weights and music.   Joey has been married to Amanda since September ’04 and they have two sons, Jack (4) and Jason (11 months).


February , 2012 - Deb Hight
Morris, Inc. is proud to announce that two of our employees, Debra Hight and Calvin Frederick, tied for Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for March 2012 as voted on by their peers.  Debra Hight is the accounts receivable administrator in the main office and has been with us since September 2009, when she began as our receptionist.  Over time, Deb cross-trained throughout the accounting department and was promoted to her current position, where she bills customers, collects payment, does our daily bank deposit, assists in insuring our equipment and providing insurance and gas cards for each unit, and acts as backup to the current receptionist, answering phones and tracking equipment in her absence.  Deb is very dependable.  She does a great job balancing patience with a no-nonsense approach to collections, and she takes her job seriously.  Deb has two young children, Mikayla (5) and Chase (3), and she enjoys going to the park and for walks with them in the warm months and snuggling up for weekly movie nights in the winter.  Deb also enjoys fishing, going to the beach, and an annual trip to Deadwood.  Thank you, Deb, for your hard work and dedication.


February, 2012 - Calvin Frederick
Calvin Frederick has been with Morris, Inc. for a very long time.  He was originally hired as a summer temp in 1989.  In 1994, Calvin was hired full time in the residential turf irrigation department, where he worked for several years.  Now, he’s a foreman in the aggregate production department, where he trains and supervises the crew as it produces materials for customers and the company.  Calvin is an employee who “grew up” working for Morris, Inc., in more ways than one.  He started here as a kid and as a laborer, and over the years has matured to become the respected job foreman he is today.  Calvin works cooperatively with mechanics when machines need preventive or routine maintenance and he’s not afraid to ask questions about how he and his crew can take even better care of his machines.  He pays attention to detail and pushes safety procedures to everyone so no one gets hurt, while following all safety policies himself.    Calvin is pleasant to be around, generally has a laid-back attitude, yet takes pride and cares greatly about the materials he and his crew produces.  Calvin has one son named Jamie (13) who currently lives in Iowa.  He enjoys spending time with him whenever possible and is looking forward to Jamie spending the summer here in Pierre.  Calvin and his fiancée, Holly, enjoy quiet time at home with her children and other family members and friends.   We are proud to have Calvin as part of the Morris, Inc. team.


January , 2012 - Steven Campbell
2012, February Employee of the Month - Steven CampbellMorris, Inc. would like to thank and congratulate Steven Campbell.  Steven was chosen by his peers as the January 2012 Employee/Safety Employee of the Month.  Steven began his career at Morris, Inc. as a temporary laborer in the turf irrigation department in July of 2002.  He became a full-time employee in May of 2003.  Through the years, he’s bounced between general services and the aggregate department, where he has found his home as an equipment operator and leadman.  Steven has learned to run all types of equipment and he is the go-to guy when it comes to training newly hired miners.  He takes the time to read the equipment manuals to be sure he knows the equipment he’s running inside and out.  That is also what makes him a great trainer.  Steven gives valuable input during daily safety meetings and is not afraid to share ideas on how to make the plant a safer place to work.  He excels at promoting teamwork in order to help make whatever crew he works with be productive and safe.  Steven works very hard and remains positive, even under stressful situations.  He is definitely an asset to Morris, Inc. and is a lot of fun to work with.  He treats everyone with respect and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Steven and his fiancée Amanda enjoy time with their three sons, Haden 7, Landen 5, and Cameron 2.  He loves camping with his family, cars, and planes.  Thank you, Steven, for all your hard work over the years!  We look forward to many more years of working with you.



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