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December, 2011 - Leo Aberle
2011, December Employee of the Month - Leo AberleCongratulations to Leo Aberle for being selected the Morris, Inc. Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for December 2011.  Leo was hired at Morris, Inc. June 11, 1998.  He began as a truck driver and roller operator for the asphalt lay-down crew, where he worked for many years prior to moving to the mechanic shop.  Most recently Leo has been our field equipment fueler, going out to the departments and job sites to make sure the equipment stays fueled and running.  Over the years, Leo has been a great example to other employees.  He’s on time each day, has a smile on his face no matter what, would do anything to help a fellow employee, and has patiently trained many of our less experienced employees.  Leo is very pleasant to be around and treats everyone with the utmost respect.  He has safety at the forefront in everything he does, he watches out for those around him, and he is a true gentleman.  Leo’s last day at Morris, Inc. was January 13th.  He will be greatly missed!  Thank you, Leo, for all your years of true dedication and hard work.


November, 2011 - Theo Adamson
2011, November Employee of the Month - Theo AdamsonMorris, Inc. would like to congratulate Theodore “Theo” Adamson for being selected the Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for November 2011.  Theo has been with Morris, Inc. a little over a year and has made an impression in that short time.  His brother, Anthony, started in March of 2010 and in July Theo came to join him.  Prior to his move to Pierre, he had been working as a laborer/operator with Weatherton Contracting in Beresford, South Dakota.  At Morris, Inc., he started out as a laborer and soon began operating equipment.  He has good attendance and thinks safety at all times.  Theo puts forth extra effort on the job and has a positive attitude with a good sense of humor.  He is always available to help out and do more than is asked of him.  He worked many long hours during the flood this past summer, and did so with no complaints and a smile on his face.  It is always a pleasure to work with, and to be around Theo.  He is an asset to Morris, Inc.  In his time off, Theo enjoys hanging out with friends and family, especially when the weather allows him to use the outdoor grill.  Thank you, Theo, and congratulations!


October, 2011 - Rod Dowling
2011, October Employee of the Month - Rod Dowling
Rod Dowling was chosen the Morris, Inc. Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for October 2011.  Rod has worked for Morris, Inc. since August 1993.  He began as a laborer in the general services department and is now a valued finish blade operator and job foreman.  Rod also works as a mechanic in the shop when winter weather sets in.  Before coming to Morris, Inc., Rod worked for the Jones County Highway Department and prior to that, as a farm hand in the Presho area.  He is always at work on time and is ready to go when he walks in the door.  Rod’s work ethic surpasses all others.  He is a very good communicator, listens and gets other involved when making decisions.  He never complains and is a steady, calm presence in stressful situations.  Rod is an employee who can run any piece of equipment, and can maintain the equipment as well.  Rod is very safety conscious and gives input based on his years of experience.  He is always looking out for those around him, ensuring their safety and teaching others along the way.  Rod has an awesome attitude and is very helpful.  He wears a smile and is fun to be around.  Rod and his wife Kim have been married for 34 years and have 4 children:  Dustin, Natasha, Dylan and Taylor, and 7 grandchildren.  In his spare time, Rod likes to hunt, fish, and spoil the grandkids and send them home!  Thank you, Rod, for all your years of hard work and dedication to Morris, Inc.


September, 2011 - Dustin Warnke
September, 2011 - Dustin WarnkeMorris, Inc. would like to congratulate Dustin Warnke for being voted our September 2011 Employee/Safety Employee of the Month.  Although Dustin has not been with Morris, Inc. as long as some, he has made a great impression in his short time here.  Dustin was hired as a mechanic for the Supply Store in April of this year.  He grew up on a dairy farm and most recently worked in Aberdeen before coming to Ft Pierre.   Although Dustin’s main duty is to maintain our small engine equipment, he is very versatile and has been helpful in many other areas since coming to Morris, Inc.  The 2011 flood hit shortly after Dustin’s arrival to the community, and he worked around the clock on the levee projects, doing whatever was necessary at any given time.  Dustin filled sandbags, ran equipment, laid sandbags and maintained pumps, all while continuing to satisfy customers at the Supply Store.   Dustin is always at work, has a great safety attitude, and is nice to be around.  He will take charge of a situation when necessary and has great communication skills.  In his spare time, Dustin enjoys throwing darts, hunting, fishing, camping, playing pool and hanging out with his girlfriend Jill and his dog Marshall.  Thank you, Dustin, for your great attitude and your drive to get the job done.  We appreciate it!



August, 2011 - Rick Stuwe
Rick Stuwe, August, 2011The employees of Morris, Inc. have selected Rick Stuwe as the August Employee/Safety Employee of the Month.  Rick is a welder in the welding shop who came to Morris, Inc. in May 1996.  He grew up in the Hoven area and worked in Aberdeen prior to coming to us.  Rick is a steady worker, is reliable and innovative and is a very valuable employee.  He regularly comes in early and stays late.  Rick always finds a way to make things work; he is a very good problem solver.  He is a key welder for our aggregate department, and spends a lot of time in our gravel pits, building guards and keeping equipment running.  He is self-motivated and works well on his own or with the team.  Rick has a great attitude and is a good example to others when it comes to safety and keeping his truck neat and clean.  Rick has a cheerful attitude and is polite and hard working.  Through the years, Rick has been nominated for employee of the month many times, and this is not the first time he’s won.  This goes to show he is consistent, well-liked and hard-working.  In his spare time, Rick enjoys woodworking, hunting, and farming.  He and his wife Vonnie have three children – two grown daughters (Melissa and Kelli) and a son, Ben, who is in high school.  Thank you, Rick, for all you do day in and day out at Morris, Inc.


July, 2011 - Chad Turman
2011, July - Chad Turman, Employee of the MonthMorris, Inc. is proud to announce that Chad Turman is our July 2011 Employee/Safety Employee of the Month.  Chad came to Morris, Inc. in March 1999.  He drove truck for us for many years, and then worked in the general services department as an equipment operator where he eventually became a working foreman.  Recently, Chad has begun training to become the company’s general superintendent.  Chad’s temperament and his overall knowledge of the industry make him the right person for the job.  He is well liked and respected by people in all areas of the company, from the mechanic shop to the ditch.  Chad takes safety seriously and to the next level.  He always has a smile and seems to be having a good time while remaining professional.  He is willing to put in the hours necessary to get the job done, and the levee building project was proof of that!  He is willing to accept more responsibility and he enjoys learning.  He keeps a positive attitude, even when things are stressful.  Chad is very conscientious and makes no assumptions – he does what’s necessary to do the job right the first time.  Chad and his wife, Kristi, have one son, Ty (9).  We feel fortunate to have Chad as a key employee at Morris, Inc.


June, 2011 - Chad Bolte
2011, June - Chad Bolte, Employee of the MonhtCongratulations to Chad Bolte for being selected the Morris, Inc. Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for June 2011.  Chad drives truck for our transportation department and has been with the company since 1992.  Chad has taken on additional responsibilities recently, running safety meetings and scheduling trucks when his supervisor is away.  He stepped up to the plate and organized not only our trucks, but several others at the start of the levee building projects.  In a whirlwind of activity, Chad maintained a sense of humor and his composure while getting very little sleep, and with trucks running 24 hour a day.  While driving truck, Chad takes special care to be sure that the customer gets the product they want and that the delivery is satisfactory.   He seems to love what he does, and continues to improve in all aspects of his job.  Over the years, Chad has become very safety conscious and looks for areas to improve our safety policies as well as to improve production.  What Chad takes most pride in are his children, Caitlin and Chase.  Even with a hectic work schedule, he does all he can to attend hockey games and dance recitals, among many other activities.  Thank you, Chad, for your hard work and dedication over the years.


May, 2011 - Clint Namanny
2011, May - Clint Namanny, Employee of the MonhtMorris, Inc. is proud to announce that Clint Namanny was chosen as our May 2011 Employee/Safety Employee of the Month.  Clint is a welder in the welding shop, but is one of those guys that can do almost anything related to the construction industry.  Clint can be counted on to be at work, on time, every day.  He celebrated 11 years with Morris, Inc. in July and through the years has worked as an equipment operator and a mechanic, but Clint took welding classes at Western Dakota Vo-tech out of high school and has been welding for us for the past 5 years.  Clint was an invaluable asset during the levee building process, making himself available at any time to help run equipment, or do whatever was needed at any particular time.  Clint has become a leader in the welding shop and has stepped up to take on new challenges.  He is dependable and does excellent work.  In addition to all of these positive attributes, Clint puts safety first in all he does.  Clint and his wife, Angie, have two children – Domnick (6) and Piper (1 ½).  Thanks, Clint, for all you do at Morris, Inc.


February, 2011 - Derek Hunsley
February, 2011 - Derek HunsleyCongratulations to Derek Hunsley for being selected the Morris, Inc. Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for March 2011.  Derek came to Morris, Inc. in July 2010 and was hired as a finish painter.  He grew up in Pierre, graduating from T.F. Riggs High School and continuing his education in Wapheton, ND and Sioux Falls studying autobody.  He has been a great asset to Morris, Inc. in the short time he’s been with the company.  Derek’s talents have especially been useful in our Manufacturing Department, with his outstanding painting and bodywork abilities which have allowed us to provide our customers equipment that not only performs great, but looks great too. His talents have also been greatly appreciated and utilized on our company equipment and vehicles. The first thing our customers see on a new product is the paint, and Derek makes sure that they are not disappointed.  He has taken on many other new and random tasks, and is always willing to help out wherever he’s needed.  He will stay late or come in on weekends to finish up a project.  Derek is very safety concious in all he does, and his role has been greatly appreciated and noticed at Morris, Inc.  Derek and his wife, Michelle, have three great kids; Carson (9), Grayson (5), and Addison (3).  Thank you, Derek, for all you do to make us look good at Morris, Inc.!


January, 2011 - Joe Hammer
Joe Hammer, 2011 January Employee of the MonthMorris, Inc. would like to congratulate Jordan “Joe” Hammer for being chosen our Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for January 2011.  Joe originally came to work for us in May 2001.  He worked for 5 years as a welder in the welding shop and left us for a few months in 2006, only to return to work in the manufacturing department in February 2007.  Since that time, Joe has become a key member of the manufacturing team, offering his ideas to continuously improve designs on projects.  Joe is safety minded, speaks up at daily safety meetings, and looks out for his fellow workers.  He is detailed and quality oriented, and is willing to help in virtually any capacity he’s able.  Joe is friendly and ready to lead and instruct newly hired or unfamiliar people.  His welding skills are excellent, and his willingness to think out of the box is helpful in forging new, more efficient processes in designing and building jigs.  Joe follows all safety rules and expects everyone around him to do the same.  Joe is the proud daddy to 3-year-old Gabe.  Morris, Inc. is glad to have Joe as a part or our manufacturing team.  Thank you, Joe, for all you do to keep safety at the forefront, and for the talent you bring to the company.


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