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December, 2011 - Jerry Garrett
Jerry Garrett has been selected the Morris, Inc. Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for December 2010.  Jerry is our grading crew supervisor and has been with Morris, Inc. since January 2005.  He came to us with many years of construction supervisor experience and has been a huge asset to our general services department.  Jerry is a kind, patient teacher and is an excellent listener.  He is someone for our younger, less experienced operators to look up to in the way he runs and cares for equipment.  He is always on time, he plans ahead, and has a very good safety attitude.  Jerry does a quality job from the beginning of the project to the last day, and does not compromise in any area.  He is willing to go the extra mile, often before the sun comes up or after it goes down.  Jerry explains his goals and what is expected from all of the employees he’s working with.  He is particular about all of the equipment on his job and ensures that it is maintained both mechanically and in appearance.  Some words used to describe Jerry are conscientious, proactive, positive, and mentor.  Morris, Inc. is grateful to have Jerry on our team.  Jerry and his wife, Mary Ellen, have two sons working for Morris, Inc. as well…Joey and Jesse.  Thank you, Jerry, for all you do to provide a safe jobsite and a quality product every time! 


November, 2010 - Joey Garrett
Congratulations to Joey Garrett for being selected the Employee/Safety Employee of the Month at Morris, Inc. for November 2010.  Joey has worked since September ’05 as our “expert in the field”, literally.  He is a field service technician and travels from jobsite to jobsite, and from aggregate mine to mine, analyzing and servicing our heavy equipment to keep everyone up and running to produce material and get our general services jobs done in a timely manner.  Joey is always on the job early and ready to go to work.  He applies his skills as if they were second nature.  Joey likes to keep busy, and standing around does not set well with him.  He is quiet, yet knows the importance of representing the company professionally.  Joey is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done.  There are many departments and jobs that rely on him to address their equipment needs, usually at the same time, but Joey never complains.  He is always willing to learn and expand his knowledge, keeping up with cutting edge mechanic technology as times change and electronics and computerized components become more and more the norm in the industry.  We are fortunate to have Joey on our Morris, Inc. mechanics team.  Thanks, Joey, for all that you do to keep us up and running strong at Morris, Inc.


October, 2010 - Phil Karber
Philip Karber has been elected the Morris, Inc. Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for October 2010.  Phil was hired in May 2008 as a mechanic for our mechanic shop.  He came to us with two years of Diesel Technology training and nine weeks light/heavy wheeled mechanic experience in the Army National Guard.  Phil has been a huge asset to the shop and approaches his work with quiet confidence.  He is very safety conscious and looks out for himself and those around him.  Phil is not outspoken, but when he talks, everyone listens as they know what he has to say is important.  He is always at work, on time, and ready to perform any task that is assigned to him.  He is willing to come in early and stay late when the need arises.  Phil is eager to learn, always wants to do the right thing, and stays busy.  He has been working in the field, as well as in the shop, which exposes him to new challenges that he has stepped up to and taken on without complaint.  Phil has a positive attitude and is very friendly to both inside and outside customers.  He is always willing to help out and offer suggestions, and we are grateful that Phil is part of the Morris, Inc. team.  Thank you, Phil, for your hard work and dedication!


September, 2010 - Brent Coon
Morris, Inc. would like to congratulate Brent Coon for being selected our Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for September 2010.  Brent came to Morris, Inc. in April 2008 after working at Robins Water Conditioning for almost two years.  At the time, Brent was looking for a career change and started with us as a Laborer/Equipment Operator.  In the short time since coming to work for our aggregate production department, Brent has worked his way up to a foreman position.  In this position, Brent is responsible for maintaining a safe and clean work environment.  His crew is regularly inspected by the Mine Safety and Health Administration which has strict safety and health codes that must be adhered to, and Brent and his crew had zero citations written during their most recent MSHA inspection.  This is a very commendable accomplishment!  Brent does a good job of keeping the wash plant maintained and operating smoothly.  He has a good relationship with his fellow employees and his customers, and has earned the respect of both.  Brent has a safety first attitude and is always courteous with both inside and outside customers.  Brent is a quick learner with a good, positive attitude, and we are glad he’s part of the Morris, Inc. team!


August, 2010 - Peanut Van Houten
Congratulations to Keith “Peanut” Van Houten for being selected the Morris, Inc. Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for August 2010.  Peanut has been with Morris, Inc. for 29 of our 40 years in business.  He was a mechanic for most of that time, but has been in the shop foreman position for the past two years.  Peanut is the go-to guy for all types of mechanic issues, from small engines to large, heavy duty equipment.  He is a great problem solver and mentor to our less experienced technicians.  He has a great attitude and sense of humor, which makes him fun to be around, and he treats people with respect.  Peanut stresses safety, and expects everyone in the mechanic shop to live up to his high safety standards.  Although the transition from mechanic to foreman has not always been easy for Peanut, he has accepted the challenge and has been willing to do what it takes to hone his management skills.  He has stepped up and does what’s necessary to run a productive shop in order to serve our internal customer’s needs.  Peanut is not satisfied until everything is working properly.  Quality control is a high priority, and he takes a lot of ownership in the work that is done in our shop.  Thank you, Peanut, for all your years of dedication to Morris, Inc.


July, 2010 - Tyrone Stith
Morris, Inc. is proud to announce that Tyrone Stith has been selected as the Employee/Safety Employee of the Month for July 2010.  Tyrone began working for Morris, Inc. in May of this year and has quickly made a great impression on his fellow employees.  Tyrone works in general services, but has spent most of his time in our new Stone Strong division, where he and others produce large, decorative, concrete blocks to be used for larger than average residential or commercial landscaping projects and retaining walls.  Morris, Inc. is the only Stone Strong distributor in South Dakota.  We are currently using Stone Strong blocks on the Ft. Pierre drainage canal project, and plan to distribute the blocks state-wide.  Tyrone came to us from Oregon, where he honed his concrete skills from 1996 to 2008 working as a laborer for a company called Utility Vault.  He also spent years working for Southern Pacific Railroad.  He is always at work, has never been late, and comes with an upbeat attitude and enjoyable sense of humor.  He is a hard worker, very professional, and follows company safety policies every day without having to be reminded.  We feel very fortunate to have Tyrone on our Morris, Inc. team.  Thank you, Tyrone, for your hard work and dedication to Morris, Inc.


March, 2010 - Derek Boe
Derek Boe was voted by the Morris, Inc. employees as March’s 2010 Employee of the Month. Derek is a very busy man both on and off work. When not at work, he enjoys cooking his Applewood BBQ for reunions, weddings, and other events.  He also enjoys watching his children (Miranda, Lexus, Jenna, Dalton, and Annie) bowl, coaching Jr. League fast pitch softball, riding motorcycles, and hopes to be able to do more fishing this year.  At work, Derek keeps very busy with jobs using the Morris, Inc. concrete placing truck.  This truck is a convenient tool for the placement of concrete in walls, floors, or hard to reach places that might be difficult if not impossible to pour your concrete. Some of the more unique and interesting pours that Derek has done have been the fourth floor of the Capitol Building, the second floor of the CAT building, the bridge piers, and basement forms…just to name a few. Derek says he really likes what he does and enjoys his work. Derek worked for Morris, Inc. from the age of 18 until about 20 in our Ag-Irrigation dept. He returned to Morris, Inc. in March of 2008 to our Redi-Mix department. Derek was voted Employee/Safety Employee of the Month because he watches what he and others are doing and offers input at safety meetings. He has an upbeat attitude and is dedicated to Morris, Inc. and all that we do. He is willing to work extra hours when needed in order to get the job done on time and done right.


February 2010 - Richard Bryant
Richard Bryant was voted Employee / Safety Employee of the Month for February, 2010. Richard grew up and attended school in the
Gettysburg area. He and his fiancée Judy enjoy camping together during the warmer months.  Deer hunting (and occasionally pheasant) is another pass time Richard enjoys during his “off” time. Richard has held 3 jobs in his life: Before moving to Pierre and coming to work for Morris, Inc. as a truck driver, Richard lived and worked in
Mitchell, SD. There he worked 13 years as a carpenter for UBC and then worked as a truck driver for Land O’ Lakes. Richard was voted Employee/Safety Employee of the Month by the Morris, Inc. employees because he really knows what it takes to be productive and to keep a job on schedule. He is very professional, keeps a positive attitude, and doesn’t let others affect his attitude. Richard jumps in to help other drivers and helps keep them on the road. All of the drivers respect him and take advice from Richard on issues they have with their equipment. Richard never complains or loses his temper, even in the most stressful situations.  He has really stepped up to safety and speaks about safety issues. When he sees an issue, he provides solutions. Richard has taken on the responsibility of the new truck and trailers and takes great pride in keeping them on the road and productive.


January, 2010 - Ryen Reed
Ryen Reed was voted Employee/ Safety Employee of the month for January 2010. Ryen grew up in Murdo where he attended school and graduated. After a brief reprieve from school he continued his education at Mitchell Vo-Tech for Power Line Construction. He moved to Minnesota where he worked as a lineman for about a year before moving back to Pierre in 2001. He began working in the Morris, Inc. Ag Irrigation dept and continues to work there today. His primary duties in Ag–Irrigation are servicing our Ag-Irrigation customers and installing pivots, pipelines, and pumps. Recently the Ag-Irrigation dept. was recognized as one of the top five highest selling dealerships in the North Central territory. In addition to the Ag-Irrigation dept., Ryen helps out all over the company and is considered an important aspect to the internal operations of Morris, Inc. He possesses excellent computer, technical, electrical, plumbing, and equipment operation skills and provides services to all of our departments. Ryen works safe and keeps his people safe. He is very knowledgeable and isn’t afraid to take the ball and run. During the Eagle Butte crisis, Ryen jumped in with both feet and did whatever was needed to get things going even though it was an extremely tough job. It was cold and we worked long hours, but Ryen never complained. Instead, he tackled the job eagerly. He communicated with the people in charge and excelled. He surely deserves to be employee of the month. He could not have done anymore!


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