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Heartland Construction Management understands the importance of quality and safety. We have established written quality and safety plans that help us achieve our high quality and safety standards. Below we outline how we approach both quality and safety.


Heartland Construction Management is a company that cares about the quality of work on their project. We understand that quality starts long before installation. It starts with the first meeting with the client. We will find out the quality hot buttons of the client to make sure we deliver on those items. Proper planning and communication at the beginning of each scope of work is a must. We will be proactive in addressing issues or potential deficiencies prior to them being installed. The items below will be tools that help us obtain our high quality standards for every project:

  • Pre-Job Start-Up Meeting

  • Pre-installation meeting

  • Supervisors

  • Pre-installation check list for all concrete placement



Heartland Construction Management will operate with very high safety standards, with the main goal of sending everyone home to their families safe. Our site specific safety program will be followed on every jobsite. We will hold our subcontractors to the same standards that we hold ourselves to. We will actively teach and promote a positive safety culture on every jobsite. Below are the tools that help us send all site personnel home to their familiesí safe every day:

  • Safety Orientations

  • Daily Safety Meetings

  • Weekly Safety Meetings

  • Citations Issues for non-compliance

  • "Lessons Learned" Philosophy

  • Incident Investigations

  • Job Hazard Analysis



Spence Etzkorn

Office:  605-494-3532

Email:  spence.etzkorn@heartlandcm.com



Fall, 2014
Spence Etzkorn joins Morris, Inc. as manager and construction supervisor of Heartland Construction Management. 


Spring-Summer 2016
Our current projects through the spring and summer include the Harrold Pulse Processing Plant


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